The duo behind the cameras

We are Cara + David

Wife and husband.

Coloradans heart and soul.

Best friends, creative collaborators, film enthusiasts, nature lovers, world travelers and movie score devotees.

When we aren’t filming we love to snuggle and savor time with our sweet baby girl and our Cavalier King Charles spaniel “Charles Dickens.”

Cara has always loved making movies. As a kid, many a slumber party was blissfully spent making cringe-worthy homemade music videos (really, she hopes those never find the light of day)!  

Fast forward to the future, where that early interest in storytelling and love of the art form led her to start Priya Maya Films.


David has always had an artistic eye and has spent over a decade as a custom bookbinder and restored hundreds of antique books, learning a hipster trade before any of us knew that was going to be a thing. He loves reading and writing and knows a thing or two about what it means to tell a good story.


Priya Maya

Priya Maya is Nepali for “Beloved Love” or “Dear Love.”

Pronounced  "Pree-YA Mai YA"

Cara spent middle school and high school in the majestic Himalayan country of Nepal with her family and learned to speak the language.

nepal is very close to cara's heart. A second home country abroad.

We wanted our company name to reflect our love of world cultures and express our vision for telling great (Beloved) love stories.

Priya Maya Films is a husband and wife filmaking duo specializing in creative, adventurous, & story driven wedding films based in Colorado Springs, CO.

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