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Q: How do I book Priya Maya Films for my date?

Contract us and fill our a quick questionnaire and we will set up a time to get to know you and your videography needs. All dates are reserved once we receive your signed contract and deposit.

Q: what type of equipment do you use?

We shoot with the Canon DSLR cameras and a variety of Canon professional lenses. 

All of our main packages come with 2 videographers, but we normally shoot with up to 3 cameras for the ceremony and reception. This allows us to get more angles and make a more dynamic footage.

Q: Why should I hire a videographer when I already have a photographer?

Both services are dedicated to helping you savor the memories of your big day but in entirely different ways. Photographers shoot still images, a photo is a beautiful summary  of a moment in time.

Videography, on the other hand,  tells the story of your day in sound and motion allowing you relive the experience just as it happened.

A deposit shows us you are serious about hiring Priya Maya Films and locks in your date for only you and our contract is important because it lays out expectations we can agree on ahead of time.

Q: Will you or your equipment be obtrusive at our wedding?

Our approach is to be in the background as much as possible however at different moments in the day we might speak up to direct the best shot possible. Videography equipment is bit more involved because we need stabilizing tools to get fluid footage but we aim to be as minimalist as possible so that we do not distract from the feel of the day.

Q: What will you be wearing?

We dress the same as your guests to help us blend into your wedding, during our initial consult we make note what type of wedding you are having so we can adjust our attire accordingly. 

Q: Do we have to feed you?

 Yes. We really do work much better when we’re fed a hot meal but our contract states that if that is not possible we can leave for up to 60 minutes during the contracted time to go get food ourselves, which is less than ideal.


We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Cards via Paypal. After you have signed your contract we will email you an invoice that allows you to easily pay online.

Q: How long will it take you to create our finished project?

Our contracted turn around time is up to 4 - 6 months however, we aim to have your videos to you asap. If you book a package with a sneak peak film that is ready within 1-2 weeks of your wedding date.


Honestly, editing time for each wedding film we shoot varies. Editing the best footage from multiple cameras, syncing up audio and carefully selecting the best music to best tell the story of your day, takes a lot of time and attention to detail. We pour our hearts into this process and feel the pressure to get your film to you as soon as possible so you can enjoy it and share it, but like all great art we aspire to make a great film not a rushed one.


We use properly licensed music from a few sources like The Music Bed, to keep everything legal for sharing online.


We welcome our clients to suggest a style or genre of music that they would like but we make the final song choices. We choose music that compliments and supports the story of the film we are creating for you.

Q: Do you work well with photographers?

We aim to always work seamlessly with photographers and the rest of the vendors so it will feel more like there is one team and not two.

We like to see the photographer as the art director of the day, we may have some different shots we want to get but we work together and let them take lead.

Q: Where will you travel?

We are available to travel the world over but we are based in Colorado Springs. We do require a travel fee for weddings/events booked greater than 2 hours drive away or greater than 90 miles outside of the Colorado Springs area. Contact us and we will discuss your options.

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